Review- The Slowboat

Chinese food is a great option for when you do not feel like cooking and definitely a favourite of mine. Noticing the Slowboat hidden next to Iceland, on way into town one day, I promised myself to try the food there when I next get a chance.

Being welcomed to foreign music upon arriving was great, as well as a reminder on where the entrance to the restaurant is, as it is fairly hidden and honestly quite confusing on how to enter the restaurant.

It was a quiet night with only two other tables filled, giving the impression that maybe the food was not that good or then again was it how hidden the restaurant was or was it the mere fact that maybe I had arrived a little too late compared to other people and families?


Quiet view inside The Slowboat Pic Victoria Blee

Ordering the BBQ ribs as a starter, priced at £6.50, followed by sweet and sour pork that came with fried rice for myself, at £8.00 and Malaysian Nasi (rice) Goreng with Prawns & chicken for my partner, for £9.00, we were content with our order despite the rush of having to pick quickly and being hesitant on the prices.

Unfortunately they came back after a while to let my partner down on how the Malaysian Nasi (rice) Goreng with Prawns & chicken was unavailable due to them not having the ingredients.  Honestly this did not give me the best impression, surely a restaurant would have ingredients to their own meal options on a menu? My partner re- ordered and decided upon the Malaysian Spicy Satay Chicken, at £8.50

Enjoying the quiet atmosphere and music being played, the food came at a fast pace. What with the delicious starter, that made us hunger for our main courses more.


The unique and refreshing Lucky Buddha, Chinese beer Pic Victoria Blee

We ordered more drinks, one being a Chinese beer called the Lucky Buddha. Coming in a unique and fun bottle, it was nice to be able to try a variation to an everyday beer from the UK.

After a while our main courses arrived, sizzling hot and looking good enough to eat! My dish was average at best, having had it many times before, I blamed myself for not being more adventurous. My partners dish was incredibly good, he finished off the plate rapidly and raved about the dish for a while after we had even left the restaurant.

The food overall was great and I would definitely go there again, however it was expensive since we had gone for dinner after buffet hours.

The staff were friendly and constantly checking to see if we needed anything.

Since the holidays are coming up, they are currently taking reservations for Christmas and New Year Banquets, open on the 19th, 20th and 31st of December.

Open on every day apart from Christmas and NewYear’s Day, you can have an all you can eat Sunday banquet on Christmas Eve from 12pm until 9.00pm or a full-belly all you can eat on Boxing Day, open from 5.30 pm until 9.00pm.

Prices may vary depending on what banquet option you choose and the day on which you wish to have it. Booking, however is required throughout December.

The restaurant is located at  57 Frodsham Street, Chester, Cheshire CH1 3JJ.

If you wish to book, either go online at or call 01244 317873.



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