Why do we need a Christmas Market?

When we have a Christmas market, German market and International market on our doorstep in the way of Manchester, why does Chester need it’s own Christmas market?

For starters there’s the fact that the Chester markets closed and its not even Christmas yet. So now in the middle of Chester there are just huts, in the way of people visiting Chester and business everyday life. This doesn’t make sense to me as being a ‘Christmas market’.

There is the fact that half the stalls aren’t Christmas themed, it’s true that some are labeled with Christmas spirit however these are often the food stalls, the rest seem to be any old clothing or toy stall that we already have in Chester, which brings me to my next point.

The fact that we have high-end retail business’ that don’t benefit when they markets come with their home made clothing and food. We as a city need to thrive off our retail and food industries at this time of the year, however the stores fall short some days purely because of the markets taking away trade. Our public that comes from the far stretches of Britain, waste money on them and take away from other attractions such as winter wonderland, which certainly this year has fallen second in promotion values to the markets.

At one point Chester ran for the City of Culture award, however pumping the thousands of pounds into this novelty, takes away our culture and ‘posh small city’ vibe. The money that could be spent of getting more substantial and longer sustaining cultural differences that last more than a month a year.

The biggest argument against having the Christmas markets in Chester, is that Manchester and Birmingham both have markets that are ten times the size and standard of markets. With Manchester especially being just a short train ride away it seems like Chester have jumped onto an over worked novelty bandwagon that won’t help the city in the long run. So what’s the problem with just having a beautiful light display and keeping Chester classy?

Have your vote below, do you agree with us here at the Intelligencer?

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