Searching for Baby Jesus

December is a time where the festive cheer is being spread in many different forms and in many different places. From the zoo to the Grosvenor Shopping centre, least can we forget about Chester’s own city cathedral.


The majestic building that is Chester Cathedral Pic Victoria Blee

Brining a more religious view on Christmas this year with their activities such as carol services and concerts.

Throughout December the Cathedral are asking you if you can find baby Jesus with their special Searching for Baby Jesus nativity tour. The tour is set out so you can discover various images of Mary and Jesus within the majestic building. From searching the huge stained glass windows for the obvious sightings of the religious pair to the very well hidden symbols within tiny medieval woodcarvings surrounding the inside of the cathedral, with this tour, you will not miss a thing and if you do, you are sure to be told where to find them.


Discover more to the Cathedral Pic Victoria Blee

The next tour date is on Tuesday 23rd of December at 10.30 pm and 2.00pm and the last one is on Wednesday 24th December at 10.30 pm
The tour last 45 minutes allowing you to take in the well-known and loved cathedral in a whole new way, guided by someone passionate and immersed in the history of the cathedral.


Can you spot Baby Jesus? Pic Victoria Blee


If all this does not entice you to go, how about the extra bonus that it is free admission, so you can explore the cathedral in all its glory for free. Simply meet at the West Steps of the Cathedral at the allotted times.

If you wish to find more information you can visit the Chester Cathedral homepage at and download the online flyer or just ask the friendly staff working at the cathedral and they are sure to give you all the information you may need.


Stained glass window inside the cathedral Pic Victoria Blee




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