Our Zoo…The people want it back!

Our Zoo the six- part drama aired on the BBC back in autumn, left its five million viewers distraught after a spokesperson for the BBC confirmed that there will be no second season for the series of Our Zoo, despite being nominated for two National TV Awards.

The news had come to a massive blow to fans of the BBC 1 drama, many who would argue had been the “best thing on TV” for a long time.


Our Zoo being advertising in Chester City Centre Pic Victoria Blee

Chester Chronicle decided to form an online petition to bring the beloved series back, even gaining support from June Williams, the daughter of Chester Zoo’s founder George Mottershead, urging the fans of the TV show to sign The Chronicle’s online petition, stating she was eager “to see her family’s story continue in a second series”.

“I think it should come back, because the zoo hadn’t even opened by the time the first series ended – it left a lot of the story untold, such as how the zoo coped through the war years,” she said.

Despite having over 2000 signatures already, people are still urging for many signatures before 1pm on Wednesday 17th December.

Only hours away from handing the petition forward to the BBC drama department, in the hope they can convince them to commission another series to the popular show. Fans are on the edge of their seat, hoping and praying the petition will work and bring the BBC department to their senses.

Many comments of support have been left by the fans of the show, one being “This is as much a piece of history to Cheshire as the Romans were. This warrants another series of a magnificent story,” written by John Gerrard.

There is still time, are you a fan of the series? Were you saddened by the news of cancellation? If so then get involved and sign the petition to bring back a second series of Our Zoo.

To do so you can look online or just follow the link below




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