Review: Gorilla Restaurant

16th December 2014

“Edgy, modern, simply wonderful” Helen Culleton’s first reactions to Gorilla as we sat down for a bite to eat.

Placed in the urban theatre industry in Manchester off the corner of Oxford road train station, Gorilla is well known in the area as a popular music venue for up and coming bands, not so much however for their restaurant and bar located to the left of the venue.

With a fixed time schedule we were pressed for time however being used to the busy workers of Manchester, Gorilla’s staff were more than confident of their speedy turn around from order to table, and they were true to their word with the food coming just ten minutes after ordering.

The simplistic style of of the layout and attributes of the restaurant really gives vibes of it’s modern and urban scene. It works perfectly, as the food then does all the talking.

With an American style menu to choose from I we chose a seasonal option in the ‘Christmas Ciabatta’ which came fresh and succulent on a rustic style chopping board. Complimented with a smooth mustard dipping sauce, the apricot stuffing was a front runner in the taste buds, mixing that sharp spice with a fruity texture. A splendid addition!

This is definitely a place you can go for a chilled and relaxed environment, because although there was a full restaurant, your privacy was maintained perfectly.

Overall Gorilla is place I would come on a regular basis as the food is fast, simple but well presented and the environment is a thing of wonder as Gorilla seems like a place that sets trends not follows which it’s costumers reciprocate.

Finally when at Gorilla a must try (unless you are in the mood for cocktails of which they have a illustrious menu of) is the Brooklyn Lager. I would definitely put it out there as being on of the most exciting and smooth tasting, with a sweet aftertaste, beer I’ve had.

Visit Gorilla!:

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