Chester full of Christmas Cheer?


Heading into Chester City Centre Pic Victoria Blee

Heading into the city centre, it is hard not to miss the constant reminder of Christmas looming, what with only 9 days to go. Lights are up, Christmas offers are displayed in shops and shoppers frantically wander around looking for presents. Is Christmas a time for love and family or the harsh reality that presents and food needs to be bought and you need to spend your day off with your annoying cousin that you can’t seem to get rid of?

Looking around Chester City centre it is hard to escape the amount of people walking through town looking for the last minute present or two. The constant look of desperation on people’s faces is hard to miss. Yes Christmas is here. Christmas is normally a time for festive cheer and joy. Families are reunited and people enjoy feeding off the happiness that Christmas brings.

However is it all fun and games? Heading into the City Centre, people of all age groups must have an opinion on what Christmas is like. Is everyone looking forward to Christmas?

Daniel Mendoza, 22 from Leeds with a questionable look on his face says “Christmas is fun I guess, it’s just hard finding presents, I’m no good at presents and this year it’s harder since I got myself a girlfriend”.

Melita Rowell, 56 from Chester gave her opinion on Christmas time in Chester saying “I love seeing all the decorations, though honestly I can’t handle all the hustle and bustle. Christmas makes it hard for me to walk through town, what with everyone crashing into you. Don’t get me wrong, I do love Christmas, I get to see all my grandchildren in one room”.

Not all comments about Christmas in Chester were positive with one man Julio Rivera, 53, from Chester, graciously gave his opinion saying “ I don’t have time for Christmas, In fact I think it’s just an excuse for children to act spoilt in my opinion”.

When asking Alice Fisher, 28, from Warrington her opinion on the festive cheer, her 6 year old daughter Amy interrupted excitedly to say “I can’t wait for Santa to come, mum says I have been good, so I might get that Elsa doll!”


Chester City Centre Pic Victoria Blee

It is clear to see Christmas, even though not everyone looks forward to it, is genuinely a time that makes people happy, families come together and children eagerly await Santa Clause to arrive.

Have you bought all your presents and wrapped them? Are you looking forward to Christmas day?



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