Top 10 under £10: Secret Santa is sorted

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CHRISTMAS is nine days away. Have you got everything you need? Have you really? What about stocking fillers? Are you taking part in a Secret Santa this year? If so, what do you get your housemate, work colleague or friend whose name you pulled out of the hat?

Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition amongst housemates, work colleagues and even just friends and families, where the name of everybody taking part is placed into a hat. Each parson picks a name at random, keeps the name a secret and buys the person a gift, usually within a set budget of around a tenner.

Matthew Ricketts, 20, from the University of Chester said: “In the first place I do it to save money! I live with five people so buying them all a £10 present would be a bit expensive. Buying one person a gift is a bit easier on the wallet.”

Since Chester is a University city, we at the Intelligencer decided to put together this ‘Top 10 under £10’ novelty gift guide, so you can relax in the knowledge you won’t have to worry too much about your Secret Santa present. This list should also help for a stocking filler for a friend, your brother or your sister. Note: all prices shown exclude delivery costs.

10. Ron Burgundy: Let Me Off At The Top – My Classy Life & Other Musings

Ron Burgundy, the misogynistic news anchor portrayed by Will Ferrell in the two hilarious movies, returns in this book ‘Let Me Off At The Top – My Classy Life & Other Musings’. If the two films are anything to go by, this book will be the perfect gift for your housemate who is an avid scotch drinker, has lots of leather-bound books or a room that smells of rich mahogany.

Where? Topman. Price: £7.99

9. Wreck This Journal

Do you lack a present for somebody particularly creative? Is there someone in your house who loves doodling? In that case, Wreck This Journal is perfect. Offering subversive selections, the book prompts its ‘readers’ – or perhaps ‘drawers’ would be more apt – to undertake a page a day, doing things such as poking holes in pages, making their best possible drawing mistakes and simply making a mess of pages. It is a quirky way of keeping a journal and getting involved in the creative process.

Where? Waterstones. Price: £6.29

8. Bullsh*t Spray

Got a housemate or friend who doesn’t stop talking? Tells little white lies in their tales? This Anti-BS spray from Hawkin’s Bazaar will put a stop to that! Just aim the spray where the Bullsh*t is coming from and pull the trigger. If they don’t get the hint, just keep spraying! (Note: this is actually an air freshener, but what’s written on the bottle should ensure they get the message.)

Where? Hawkin’s Bazaar. Price: £4

7. Insults and Comebacks Book

This is the perfect book for someone who struggles in the banter department. This book, Insults and Comebacks for all Occasions provides the perfect and appropriate – or sometimes inappropriate – putdown or comeback whenever necessary.

Where? Asos. Price: Was £5.99, now £4

6. Desktop Football

With foosball players made of erasers and pencils and goals made of card, this desktop football set also doubles as stationery! Ideal for those who need some amusement in the middle of a drawn-out essay or at their desk at work, the price of this novelty gift leaves a bit of extra budget to grab something a little more serious.

Where? Debenhams. Price? £5

5. Spin-a-Shot Drinking Game

This particular drinking game is perfect for any get together, but lends itself nicely to pre-drinking before University nights out (but please drink responsibly). Just fill the shot glass with your tipple of choice and spin the arrow. Whoever it lands on drinks the shot and voila, a simple but effective drinking game and ice breaker!

Where? Menkind. Price? £5.99

4. Selfie Stick (Monopod)

2014 was unofficially the year of the selfie. People took advantage of the front-facing camera on their smartphones to take pictures in a plethora of places – parties, football matches, outside famous monuments and many more spots. The Selfie Stick is a monopod made especially for smartphones, enabling its users to take a selfie with ease rather than merely holding their phone at arms length. Get this for the vain housemate, friend or relative in your life.

Where? Menkind. Price: £7.99

3. World Scratch Map

Budget airlines offer fares to Europe for around £30 nowadays, and language students have to undertake a mandatory year abroad in the country where their language of choice is spoken. Therefore many students are now capable of visiting a vast number of countries within the budgets of their student loans. The World Scratch Map is an interactive world map, where countries that have been visited can be scratched off to proudly display where the recipient of this gift has been in the world. The most expensive, but maybe one of the coolest novelty gifts under £10.

Where? I Want One Of Those. Price: £9.99

2. The Hungover Cookbook

How many times have you or your friends woken up after a night out and not had any idea what to make to cure your hangover? Does a simple bacon sandwich suffice? Is the ‘the greasier, the better’ rule actually true? The Hungover Cookbook ‘diagnoses’ which type of hangover  you have and offers recipes based on it. For example, one particular recipe is a pizza made over from roast dinner leftovers! It sounds gross, but if it cures a hangover, then so be it. Hash browns with avocado and bacon sounds far more edible, and can reportedly cure an ‘atomic’ hangover.

Where? Hawkin’s Bazaar. Price: £7.99

1. 52 Things to do While you Poo

The king of the Secret Santa novelty gift list is this book that will keep you entertained on the toilet. Gone are the days when a newspaper would be read on the toilet, or even in the modern age, Twitter! Featuring a mammoth 112 pages of puzzles and facts. look no further than this book for things to do during number two. However, we would maybe advise buying this one for a male friend, housemate or colleague since it might be a tad inappropriate for the ladies.

Where? Menkind. Price: £6.99

So there’s our Top 10 Under £10 for your Secret Santa needs. Comment below if you think we’ve missed anything out, or if you’re going to buy any of these for your friends or family.


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