Review: NBA 2K15 XBOX1

Often it is tough for gaming producers to match the expectations of their audiences, in terms of quality, speed, graphics and updates, the NBA 2K15 team seem to have produced one of the best games of the year with the introduction on some revolutionary additions to their game.

With the standard progression for NBA 2K14, 2K15 has the roster updates with the inclusion of the draft rookies such as Zach Lavine with an almost superhuman athleticism some would believe to be unrealistic, however those people haven’t seen the real Zach Lavine get up:

There is revolutionary software produced to comply with the XBOX1 Kinect camera, where the gamer can face scan himself and a reproduction of that scan will be processed and converted onto the ‘MyPlayer’ mode, allowing for your facial specifics to be recognised. No more generic spiky haired paper white or coal black personal limitations. See here:

The idea of this will become standard progression into most games for XBOX1 however, this just shows the revolutionary set up that 2K Sports have with XBOX.

Another improvement, which is simply outstanding, is the graphics and in game knowledge. First about the graphics, the players don’t look like computer animations now, it’s much further developed than that now. The in game players look like spitting images of their life images, partly because of the face scan system, but also from the shear amount of time put into the features by the designers, you can actually see your team sweat for your victory.

Pic: 2K Sports

Pic: 2K Sports

The next the in-game knowledge is outstanding, from creating simply pick and roll offences to setting up how your team rebounds, scores and the aggression they show. The three dimensional gameplay is a gamers heaven, full control of your team and the knowledge that if you lose. It’s definitely your fault.

Wade Approved.


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