Review: Dawn The Planet of the Apes

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Left in suspense for three years after Caesar’s exhilarating “No!” We find ourselves plunged into a dystopian feature where apes are the dominant species due to the teachings Will Rodman (James Franco).

This time new blood has been brought in as director Matt Reeves took the helm and influential writer Mark Bomback joined the team with the decision not to have Will Rodman in this one. The idea behind this that Rodman had died with the virus from the first film, allowing Caesar’s (Andy Serkis) character to develop and become the protagonist the millions of fans wanted to see.

With allied ape friends brought through from the first film (Koba, Maurice), Caesar is the dominant male of his tribe, setting up storyline one (SPOILER ALERT) which is Koba slowly fighting against him for dominance.

Dawn allows the continued theme of family into the storyline by giving Caesar a wife and a son ‘Blue Eyes’ which references the first film connection. Showing Caesar as a diplomatic leader, with the one rule “ape not fight ape” built after seeing the destruction humanity caused itself through war and fighting.

The side storyline running alongside the apes, are the human colony that are trying to survive and contact any other survivors across what seems like the world, but is in fact just their state in America (US filming for you). Which are lead by A-list actor Gary Oldman who plays Dreyfus, and Jason Clarke as the good hearted Malcolm, who’s trust and companionship with Caesar is tested throughout the film, incredibly portrayed by Clarke who showed humans as inferiors and weak compared to the apes.

However this could only be achieved  through the sure brilliance of Mr Andy Serkis. Serkis deserves all the recognition he gets for his work, as not only is he a fantastic actor in human form, but he is the single best green screen/animation actor who has ever lived. His movements and imitations to create Caesars animalistic features are sublime, at no point does anyone look at the apes and say “yeah well it’s obvious they’re humans” purely because they are so good at what they do. Serkis has proved his skills time and time again playing not only a human character (Lumpy) in King Kong (2005), but also playing the beast himself, as well as not having to mentions his world renowned portrayal of Gollum in The Lord of The Rings Trilogy (2001-2003).

Dawn the planet of the apes has one of the greatest twists and climatic scenes I have personally scene, and is clearly going to lap up at the award ceremonies that are fast approaching. My money is on Best Film and Actor in Leading Role which should hands down go to Andy Sirkis for his role as Caesar. If it doesn’t there is something wrong with the voters.

Dawn The Planet of The Apes – 9/10 From Wade’s Reviews


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