Review Chester: Zizzi ‘A little piece of excellence’

16th December 2014

Heading for somewhere to eat in Chester can be a challenge of it own at times, there is so much to choose from and a variety of cultural expertise.  

But if you head down to Zizzi on Newgate Street you will experience your own little slice of Italy. From the quick and efficient service that has the average joe sat down and served with drinks in under five minutes on a regular working evening, to the warm and friendly atmosphere made by the waiters as soon as you take your coat off.

This is definitely one to bring the parents too if they are travelling to see you at University as the prices aren’t to extortionate, especially for the decent size portions they bring out.


Spagetti Pomodoro – Bufala mozzarella, baby plum tomatoes & basil.



But don’t be fooled by the idea of quantity over quality, at Zizzi the food hits your tongue and the richness seeps into your taste buds as if a warm blanket on these winter nights. Italian food is known internationally as comfort food, and this certainly lays claim to that. The sweet texture of the plum tomatoes against the bitter mozzarella, all as fresh as if they’d just been picked from a garden behind the restaurant. The smell of the entire restaurant, filling the nostrils with different memories of a previous trip to Italy, without it overwhelming the conversation with your family.

To finish it off, polish the dish off with a lovely red wine that they have as their house wine Organic Shiraz, Sicily. Which has a rich body that compliments the pasta exquisically.

Compared to other Italian serving restaurants, the food and the service is certainly second to none. Definitely a place to visit in Chester for a safe and assured bet.

Wade Approved.


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