Nightclubs react to Christmas mayhem

Chester clock tower in the city centre Pic- Chester Chronicle

Chester clock tower in the city centre
Pic- Chester Chronicle

NIGHTCLUBS in the Cheshire area are cracking down on security over the Christmas and winter period due to an increase in violence.

With party season upon us, nightclubs are taking precautions to ensure the safety of its customers over this heavy-drinking period.

Officers have said that this could be related to the increase of people drinking more and due to Christmas parties taking place at venues that are forcing people into social situations that may normally be avoided throughout the rest of the year, therefore creating tension.

Melody Mehralian a VIP waitress at Rosies nightclub in Chester city centre commented on this issue, stating: “we’re getting a lot more people in that don’t go out that often and are going out for Christmas parties.

“These people that don’t drink regularly and can’t handle their alcohol are the ones that’s are either being carried out, picked up in ambulances and starting fights”.

There will be an increase in officers patrolling the city centre of an evening, specifically on weekends, and anyone who is seen behaving unacceptably could possibly be issued a dispersal order that would require them to stay clear of the city centre for up to 48 hours.

Cheshire police previously stated that “bad behavior will not be tolerated” with ACC Roberts warning that: “Violent crimes of any type is unacceptable and we are committed to tackling the issue.

“Officers will be out and about over the festive period targeting those involved in violent crime and ensuring they are brought to justice.”


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