Chester Zoo Lantern Festival-Hurry whilst there are still tickets!

Chester zoo is undoubtedly a place that represents Chester and is always filled with various activities apart from its everyday opportunities to visit the exotic animals.

Santa’s grotto is a thing of a past now that Chester zoo introduces you to option of taking a magical stroll through the zoo.

Lantern Magic is what people are calling it as you are able to journey through the zoo being lit up by a lantern trail.

The magical lantern trail, led by spectacular animal lantern displays and the help of your own family sized lantern, leads you to Father Christmas sitting under the giant Cedar Wishing Tree, waiting to hear the children’s wishes for Christmas. A Children’s lantern workshop is also included where children can personalise their very own lantern to take home and make a wish to hang under the giant Cedar Wishing Tree.

Children will love meeting friendly Christmas characters on their journey to find Santa as parents can enjoy a free winter warming drink and appreciate the life-sized animal lantern display.Not only is the Fruit Bat Forest and Elephant house left open for visitors to see but you can pay extra to receive professional photo souvenirs or even pre order a delicious lantern supper.

There are plenty of ways to soak up the festive atmosphere and nocturnal sounds around the zoo, it will be hard not to fall in love with a new side to the zoo.  The trail last between 45 minutes to an hour, however there are no restrictions and you are free to wander the lantern route at your leisure. Opening from 4pm, the precession starts every half an hour until 6.30 pm. The Fruit Bat Forest will close at 7.30 pm and the doors to the zoo closes at 8.00pm

Children under the age of 3 get in for free with prices starting at £8.99 for children from 3-15 and £9.99 for adults.

Every day is sold out apart from Wednesday 17th December 2014, with only a few tickets available. What with tickets disappearing fast, tomorrow is your last chance to witness to magical event being held at Chester Zoo.

Lanterns show you the way to meet Santa Pic Chester Zoo

Lanterns show you the way to meet Santa  Pic Chester Zoo


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