Awareness through Dance Empower women

Pic- Awareness Through Dance

Pic- Awareness Through Dance

In 2013, a 24 year old Megan Preston escorted 13 professional dancers to Africa with the aim of spreading awareness and educating citizens with regards to epilepsy. Through fundraising they managed to raise over £40,000 and helped refurbish a school.

Due to the success of the event, Megan has planned to do it all over again in 2015, taking 50 dancers to Ghana to help raise awareness and encourage the empowerment of women, through the art of dance.

They will be travelling around the city, visiting schools, universities and women’s shelters and using dance to engage the audience and educate them in becoming confident and passionate; teaching them to believe in their “sense of purpose”.

The dance workshop that has been created for this purpose will also be implemented in schools in the UK, encouraging conversation about gender equality and girl’s education, as Megan believes that “dance is a great way to provoke awareness and also a tool that can be used to invite conversation”.

Due to the high number of applicants this time round, Awareness through Dance have announced that they are taking two trips in the new year, in February and May, which will allow more candidates to take part in the experience and to create a bigger impact on the community.

After finishing her education at The Hammond School of Dance in Cheshire, Megan appeared on some of the world’s biggest stages and took part in a couple of TV dance programmes before moving down to London where she founded her two dance companies Awareness Through Dance and Dance London.

A best friend and colleague of Megan has said: “ Last time was probably the best experience Megan has ever given me, although we went to hell and back throughout it, seeing her persistence and tenacity was really inspiring”.

With everything Megan has accomplished over the past few years, her desire to succeed and her achievements so far make her a huge inspiration in her field.

For more information on the trip, or how to apply in the future go to:


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