Community church organisation to become a Chester Charity.

STREETWORX is currently a community business attached to The Community Church Chester. However due to the economy and changes circumstances. The Community Church is to be closed, but out of the fire burns a phoenix’s egg.

In this case  the egg being Streetworx, a community support programme set out to help the youth of Chester, Blacon and Ellesmere Port. Streetworx uses a three prong system to target helping their community. We spoke to Sam Crick and leader of the organisation:

“The first is a youth drop in where there is a team of supporters to provide help to any youths who want it” “whether it’s lending an ear simply providing a sense of being in the way of playing games that are provided with the company”

The company is now needing the support of their community as a charity and hoping their connection with the council and the University of Chester will allow them to get right back help the youth of our city.

“The second is an outreach programme  which is where Streetworx send out teams of volunteers to patrol the streets as a figure of safety and support in the community effectively lowering antisocial behaviour to great results”

Antisocial behaviour used to high around Blacon and Chester, however since Streetworx has been around the rates have dropped dramatically. So much in fact, that Ellesmere Port have been asking for their help for a few years no and they have finally got enough man power to get over there and help out their community too.

Finally the third is a Panna Cage which is collaborated with Cheshire police and Community support. The cage is used to create a sporting environment anywhere Streetworx can put it, using it to create football or basketball games under supervision of trained users of the cage.

Headed by Paul Stevens and Sam Crick, Streetworx is in the process of now becoming a charity organisation that hope to buy back the church building as a way of reinstalling the first of the three prong system. Updates of their progress will be posted when applicable.

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