Stay Healthy this Christmas

Pic- NHS

Pic- NHS

WITH the festive season upon us, avoiding overindulgence and coping with the late night Christmas parties that involve a dramatic increase in alcohol consumption (!) can be quite difficult, yet this binging period needs to be closely control to avoid getting stuck in bad habits that will follow us in and through the New Year.

With the smell of goose-fat fried potatoes in the air, healthy eating may not always seem as appealing over the Christmas period. With the average Christmas dinner holding around 3,500 calories, Brits tend to consume around 7,000 over the course of the full day. However, there are steps to make sure that your traditional Christmas dinner contains all the flavour without the added guilt.

The NHS are currently encouraging a healthier Christmas, with alternative recipes posted online showing a variety of ways that simple changes can be made to traditional meals to keep the festive spirit high and the calorie intake low.

However, alcohol is also a substantial contributing factor surrounding this issue, with the average person consuming around 4,000 calories- 30 glasses of wine or 22 pints of beer (as quoted in the Daily Mail)- in the run up to Christmas day.

Studies show that drinking water, juices and teas in between alcoholic drinks helps the body to maintain hydration and therefore keeps the metabolic rates at a steady level, as well as diluting the effects of a hangover the next morning.

Cancer Research UK are launching Dryathalon in January, in order to raise money for Cancer research and after presenting the facts that cutting down on alcohol consumption in the new year could reduce the risks of cancer, they hope to recruit a majority of the public to help them beat the disease.

To allow us to keep track of our alcohol consumption over this heavy-drinking period, the NHS have created an alcohol calculator that is downloadable to any PC or MAC from here:


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