Minerva Lodge Tattoo Club’s Winter Gathering Promotes Independent Businesses

Minerva Lodge Tattoo Club  Pic : Minerva

Minerva Lodge Tattoo Club
Pic : Minerva

CHESTER’S Minerva Lodge Tattoo Club held its annual Winter Gathering to promote independent businesses from across the city.

On Wednesday 10th December Minerva Lodge Tattoo Club on Upper Northgate Street hosted a free Christmas event in conjunction with local businesses and artists.

Representatives from Harvest Moon, Polka Dot Bakery, Chester Food Assembly and Big 5 Catering were amongst the businesses invited to network and showcase their wares.

Dave Aden, owner of Harvest Moon said : “Tonight has been great. It has given us the ability to branch out and network with other like-minded people.”

“We’ve made some important business contacts tonight and we hope to collaborate with Polka Dot Bakery and Big 5 Catering in the future. We were looking for an opportunity like this and thanks to tonight we were given one. I know it’s not all about the money but I really appreciate that the guys at Minerva didn’t charge us to come here.”

The event ran from the 2nd floor of the Minerva to the attic, with DJ’s and various bands providing the entertainment for the night.

In the attic there were various stalls and works of art on display, all of which which were curated by the staff at the Minerva Lodge Tattoo Club.

Tattooists from Minerva dedicated one hour from the night to guests who were invited to get a tattoo in their studio.

Abbie Dann, owner of Polka Dot Bakery said : “There was a lovely atmosphere in there and I’m really glad that I was invited to come along. It’s been fun tonight and its glad to see that the people of Chester care about the independent businesses around them.”

Josh Green, artist, said : “It was a really nice night and events like this often slip under the radar in Chester.”

The Winter Gathering was a great success with over 100 attendees enjoying mulled wine, pulled pork and the live music which was available throughout the night.

To find out more about independent businesses in Chester click here.


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