It’s Christmas time – but Cheshire Police know whether you’ve been naughty or nice

I'll stick to pigs in blanket thanks very much Pic: Cheshire Police

I’ll stick to pigs in blankets thanks… Pic: Cheshire Police

IT’S hard to say how many Christmas cards notorious criminals receive every year, but the most persistent offenders in Cheshire can expect one from their favourite police force this time around.

Cheshire Police will be hand-delivering specially designed Christmas cards with the greeting: “Where will you be having Christmas dinner? Basic rooms available with Cheshire Constabulary if you’re naughty not nice!” to the most persistent offenders in the county in an initiative aimed at preventing crime.

Officers make frequent visits to the homes of prolific offenders anyway, as to be aware of their whereabouts and curfew compliance and will deliver the cards when they do so this Christmas.

‘Navigate’ teams across the force try to keep prolific offenders on the right path. It is in the interests of both parties as these criminals are responsible for a disproportionate amount of recorded crime which Cheshire Police are keen to prevent and a failure to comply will only result in more time behind bars for the offenders.

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Roberts said: “Throughout the festive period the officers and staff of Cheshire Constabulary will be working hard to keep the public safe and allow them to enjoy themselves without the fear of crime. Part of that is keeping a close eye on those criminals who see Christmas as an opportunity to commit crime and if they do we will act swiftly.

“Whilst the card is light-hearted there is a serious message behind it, we will be at work so if criminals are tempted to commit crime we will be happy to serve their Christmas dinner behind bars so they need to consider the consequences of their actions, not just for themselves but their families as well.”


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