Fracking: Once again we’ve hit rock bottom

Fracking site in Wyoming. Pic:EcoFlight

Enormous fracking site in Wyoming. Pic:EcoFlight

The swapping of coal pollution for natural gas is not a global warming solution, we must remember this. The alarming problem that the world is heating up, a theory taken years by environmentalists to be regarded as serious, still stands and this mere distraction is yet just another detour from the real problem we are facing and is still yet to be resolved. We’ve hit rock bottom, literally.

They planted the bait of this ‘clean’ natural gas producing less carbon pollution than burning coal or oil. They used climate emergencies like widespread drought and Hurricane Sandy to slowly draw us in and get us hooked on this new phenomena that is fracking. And, to top it off, they want to privatize the profits and make us pay for the costs of their work.

Unluckily for these corporations, deep rooted science has begun to roll in and scientists are now showing us that this so called ‘solution’ isn’t as innocent as it has been made out. Although the burning of this gas does have less of an impact on our climate than other fossil fuels, one no is measuring the damage done from the extraction of these gases. It uses millions of tons of water and has the potential to drive this world into an even worse state and yet, where the fossil fuel industry is concerned there is still doubt whether climate change actually exists.

Anti fracking protest, Balcombe

Fracking protests in Balcombe, Sussex. Pic:Jo Syz

We have on one hand the companies who believe they’ve just found the golden solution to our energy security, when secretly just a genius environmental scam, and on the other you have companies who still refuse to believe what is happening as their eyes are too busy fixed on the money signs racking up.

In 2000, shale gas provided just 1 percent of America’s natural gas supply and today it stands at nearly 25 percent. Fracking is too dangerous. It threatens the water we drink, the air we breathe and our health. It accelerates climate change and people need to recognise this and push further to stop it entering the UK even more and invest our time into producing more ecological energy.



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