Lorry fire closes M56 eastbound during morning rush-hour

Motorists were left stranded forum to 6 hours ©highways Agency

Motorists were left stranded forum to 6 hours. Pic:Highways Agency

MOTORISTS faced major traffic disruption earlier this morning and a woman seriously injured after a HGV vehicles tyres caught fire eastbound between junctions 10-11.

Fire and rescue crews arrived at the scene as four fire engines tried to contain the fire.

Police closed the eastbound carriageway which backed up delays for motorist for up to 6 hours.

A woman was taken to hospital with serious injuries after a crash just before the Britannia Bridge on Anglesey side.

The bridge was closed just before 8am after traffic was reported to be very heavy on the A5 from the lorry fire.

A Highways Agency spokesman said:“The Highways Agency is working very hard with the emergency services to reopen some lanes as soon as possible.”

Police closed all eastbound lanes in an attempt to clear the damage and advised motorists to leave the motorway prior to junction 12 at Runcorn and follow a diversionary route when smoke from the fire started to travel across the carriageway.

The North West Motorway Police tweeted at 6.24am:“J11-10 M56 eastbound – wagon fire laden with tyres, traffic is stopped at present.”

Luke Wardle, 23, Chester said:“It took me around three hours to get to work what is usually a 45 minute drive. I left the house at 8am and didn’t arrive at work until 11.30.”

He added:“I couldn’t see much as everything was at a standstill, people even started getting out their cars to try and see what was happening at one point. I was hideous.”

The delays are said to have ended now and traffic has resumed as normal.

Visit http://www.highways.gov.uk/traffic-information/ for more information.


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