World Exclusive Bob Dylan Exhibition In Chester’s Grosvenor Hotel

Dylan's art was on display in Chester's Grosvenor Hotel Copyright Washington Green 2014.

Dylan’s art was on display in Chester’s Grosvenor Hotel
Copyright Washington Green 2014.

On November 6th the worldwide premier of Drawn Black 2014 hosted over 80 visitors for a remarkable opportunity to experience scholarly insights into Bob Dylan’s life.

The unique evening took place in the Belgrave suite, which is the largest room at the prestigious Chester Grosvenor hotel, where guests discovered about Dylan’s art, music and the man himself, making for a thoroughly enjoyable night.

‘Drawn Blank’ is a collection of Dylan’s drawings and sketches created while on a tour of America, Europe and Asia between 1989 and 1992, first published in 1994.

These drawings were re-worked into a series of paintings that were first shown at a museum exhibition in Germany in autumn 2007, and at Halcyon Gallery, London in the summer of 2008 to huge critical acclaim.

Mel Todd, Chester’s Gallery Manager, said: “It was a huge honour to be the first gallery to display Bob Dylan’s new collection. He’s a huge name in music as well as in art and his work is stunning – so bright and positive and it’s gone down extremely well already.”

Chris Hockenhull, the North West’s foremost authority on Dylan, was the host for the night. He established the UK’s longest running Bob Dylan appreciation society which is now in its 32nd year running.

Hockenhull has watched an astounding 56 live performances by Dylan and has been a main contributor towards many BBC radio programmes about the legend.

Hockenhull has also been involved in the ‘Drawn Blank Series’ since 2008 and delivered various talks, not only on his paintings but also has lectured about Dylan in the University of Liverpool.

During the evening guests were offered a selection of fine wines, cheeses and pâtisserie to commemorate the occasion in style.

In association with the event there was also a themed lunch in the Simon Radley restaurant, whereby a smaller group of guests enjoyed a sit down two course meal at Simon’s own restaurant, also in The Grosvenor Hotel.

Bob Dylan’s collection ‘The Drawn Blank Series 2014’ is now available at Castle Galleries, Chester.
For more information please visit Castle Galleries, Chester, telephone 01244 345 800 or visit

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