Review-Gone Girl

Gillian Flynns thriller has taken to the big screen and has certainly not disappointed.

Director David Fincher has taken the highly praised novel and turned it into a non stop suspense thriller supported by an all-star cast.Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike take on the roles of a seemingly happy couple whose lives come crashing into the spotlight of the media when the wife goes missing.

There is no doubt about the film keeping its audience at the edge of their seats with the twist and turns throughout the film. Why does the husband seem so evasive? Does he actually care? Did he kill his wife? What happens when not only his secrets pour out, but hers?
David Fincher did a fantastic job cinematically wise as not only the visuals were stunning but the new approach to narration throughout the film was brilliant.

The story of Nick and his missing wife is shown in two time frames, the past, the past we are made to believe is true and the present time.

With very real disputes within a marriage, financial crisis, lust and wanting children, taken to an extreme, as extreme as murder, it is clear to see that David Fincher has taken Gillian Flynns story and aimed to shock and provoke its audience.

Subtly making us believe what they want us to, the twists came as a surprise to most, who have yet to read the book. The film had a way of making us doubt each character and suspect everyone, which for a suspense thriller it hit the nail on the head with its aim; are you really happy in your own marriage? Do you know the person you promised to share your life with?

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the film, it not only managed to keep myself glued to the screen but the majority of the people within the cinema, which not only evident by the constant gasps of surprise and shock but by the applause it received when it ended. I would highly recommend the film, in fact I did recommend it many people. Do not expect to be disappointed after seeing this thriller, with its new view on a ‘killer marriage’ it will undoubtedly leave you with doubts of wanting to get married yourself.

Victoria Blee


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