Operation Blue Christmas

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Rodgers

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Rodgers

CHESHIRE police are launching Operation Blue Christmas in order to crackdown on crime throughout the Christmas period.

Each year, statistics show a rise in crime around the festive period and police are asking residents and shop owners to take steps towards making their homes and businesses more secure.

Officers are committed to tackling violent behaviour along with crimes fuelled by alcohol, by stationing neighbourhood support to offer crime preventation techniques and home security advice to local residents.

Operation blue will also target organised crimes, anti-social behaviour, drink driving and domestic abuse.

Assistant Chief Constable, Mark Roberts has made it clear that “bad behaviour will not be tolerated.

“Violent crimes of any type is unacceptable and we are committed to tackling the issue”.

High-visibility patrols will be performed, with officers taking direct actions against any criminals that may present themselves at any point.

Roberts’s points out that simple steps can be taken to limit the number of crimes, “such as marking valuables and ensuring that all doors and windows are locked.

“These steps help make homes look less attractive to potential criminals”.

There have been a number of advice pages published online, advising members of the public on the best ways to keep their homes safe this Christmas and reduce crime.

Visit: www.cheshire.police.uk for more information.


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