Ex- Chester Student Wins World Merit Title


Megan Preston Headshot Copyright to worldmerit.com

Megan Preston Headshot Copyright to worldmerit.com

THE WORLD Merit Organisation has named an ex-Hammond student Agent of the Week after to her contributions so far to society.

Megan Preston, a 24 year old dance entrepreneur, joined the World Merit organisation in April 2014 and has since been involved in over 30 projects.

After training for three years at The Hammond School of Dance, Megan founded two companies, at the age of 21, which aim to inspire young women to find their passion and their sense of purpose.

With the creation of these two companies, Awareness through Dance (founded in 2011) and Dance London (2013), Megan developed a confidence programme that aims to empower women.

Eni Selfo, Merit Peer Mentor believes that “Megan is a fantastic role model for aspiring female leaders.

“She has the determination and passion to make her dreams become true”.

In 2013, Preston pioneered a trip for 15 professional dancers to travel to Africa working with schools, clinics and the dance community.

Using dance as a form of education, to help teach and allow young girls and women in poverty stricken areas to forget about the major worries that take over their lives on a day to day basis, and focus more on making a change.

However, the main reasons behind the creations of her companies was to encourage dancers struggling in the industry to feel supported in sharing their issues.

Megan says: “As dancers, we are always hearing the word ‘no’. As a freelance dancer you attend maybe 2-4 auditions a week and most of the time you don’t fit what they are looking for, so it’s all about how you as a person deal with rejection”.

Through the support of the World Merit organisation, Preston has been able to take part in many opportunities that has allowed her to influence a wider audience.

In June, she was given the opportunity to host an event that focused on empowering women with the Merit organisation.

Searl Vetter, Prospective Rise Mentor at World Merit, commented: “Megan is a true inspiration to me.

“The way that she connects dance with social change is remarkable…she really is a change-maker.”

World Merit has emerged from a number of successful businesses that have offered numerous global opportunities for young, hardworking individuals over the past 15 years.



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