Review : Transmitting Andy Warhol

Tate Liverpool, hosted the exhibition

Within the iconic Albert Docks Liverpool’s Tate Gallery hosted the exhibition.

ANDY Warhol is one of the most important and influential artists from the post war period. His reputation as a pop art icon has seen his work travel the world and is now being showcased at Liverpool’s Tate. Transmitting Andy Warhol focuses on the work of this modern great and elaborates on his experimental style, giving insight into the artists life.

Transmitting Andy Warhol is the first major solo exhibition in the north of England which focuses on Warhol’s expanded practice. The exhibition brings together over 100 pieces of Warhol’s art to Liverpool’s Tate, ranging from his major paintings like the Marilyn Diptych, Dance Diagram and Do-it-Yourself paintings, and other loans from international collections and the ARTISTS ROOMS collections.

Transmitting Andy Warhol portrays the artists role in re-defining art as we know it exquisitely with its modern design in the iconic Tate.There were numerous  knowledgeable tour guides roaming around the building, detailing Warhol’s life back to the 1960’s when he first established the infamous Factory studio. Factory studio was where he created his signature pop art, often using a process called silk screening to create iconic pieces of art like his Marilyn Diptych.

Warhol's interpretation of The Beatles

Warhol’s interpretation of The Beatles

Also presented in the exhibition was the Tate’s spectacular evocation of the Exploding Plastic Inevitable, Warhol’s famous ‘total art’ experience. The sensory phenomenon created by the wall to wall imagery accompanied by an eery soundtrack provided by The Velvet Underground, was at times alienating and disturbing. For some viewers this was a visibly distressing experience and is definitely not recommended for those with Epilepsy. However, it was only in this midst of this audio visual barrage when I think I started to understand the whole point of the exhibition. To Warhol art wasn’t just his job, it was his life. It surrounded him, just as I was surrounded in that room.

Transmitting Andy Warhol provides the public with an insight into one of arts modern greats. He was a man famous for pushing the boundaries of art, always striving to innovate in his art and followed the philosophy that ‘art is for everyone’, a sentiment which is reciprocated in the exhibition. Whether you are an art enthusiast or not this is not to be missed.

The Exhibition runs from 7 November 2014 – 8 February 2015

Tickets cost : Adult £8.80 (without donation £8) / Concession £6.60 (without donation £6) / Student £5

The Gun, Andy Warhol

The Gun, Andy Warhol


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