Hoole Community Centre competes for the People’s Millions


The Community Centre is looking to redevelop. Pic:Samayesan Hoole

The HOOLE Community Hub are finalists in a competition on ITV Granada that could see them given £49,500 from the Big Lottery Fund to transform the lives of the Chester suburb’s residents.

Voting lines are now open and will stay on till midnight as the Hoole Community Centre goes head-to-head in the Granada region with Fleetwood’s Willow Garden Centre, with call charges at 15p for mobile and landlines.

They have been picked along with four others in 2014’s short-list, divided into three one-on-one competitions over successive nights, and the Big Lottery Fund will consider an additional grant to the runners-up with largest tally of votes in the region.

The lottery funds would enable the Hoole Community Development Trust to set up a community cafeteria and library in the building, which lies on the site of a former school.

A volunteer co-ordinator would also be employed to find a team of volunteers to assist in the new areas, and the area to the front of the building would be paved to allow the cafeteria to have an open-air section.

The centre was made with the aim of tackling alienation and isolation in the community, and the grant would supply learning opportunities in healthy food, cookery classes, IT and volunteering opportunities for Hoole’s residents.

To lend your support call the People’s Millions on either Landline: 09015 228204, or Mobile: 6228204.



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