Annual Chester Arts Fair Raises Money For Children

The 'Lennon' commission which was sold to raise money for children's charities

The ‘Lennon’ commission which was sold to raise money for charity

THIS weekend Chester’s famous racecourse hosted the third annual Chester Art Fair, showcasing rare works of art while raising money for children’s charities.

Over 3 million pounds worth of art was on public sale at the event, including some very valuable pieces from artists such as L.S.Lowry, Sir Peter Blake, Arthur Dooley and many more.

There was also a special commission from artist Antony Brown which was sold in a silent auction to raise funds for Variety, a charity aimed at helping disadvantaged children.

Shirley-Ann O’Neill, Director of the event said “This year has been remarkable, there are record sales and record visitors. We have works from artists across the world and the highest individual piece here is worth 1.5 million.”

Throughout the weekend there were curated tours, a dedicated children’s area and live demonstrations of art.

Sheffield born Peter Hall was among the artists performing live art.

A crowd of around 30 watched Peter create oil-based paintings which were later placed in his gallery.
We spoke to 34 year old Peter, who said: “I don’t usually attend these sort of fairs, I only go the ones which really appeal to me and this is a particular favourite of mine. It’s my second year here and it’s not even about selling paintings for me, it’s all about networking and getting to know people.”
“There are a lot of people here who know the business well which is why it works. Credit goes to Black Mango Events for arranging this. It is a very well organised event.”

Peter Hall creating art live

Peter Hall creating art live

Amongst the numerous art galleries was AGM Media, hosting a very special collection of art by L.S. Lowry, making it the first of its kind at a UK Art Fair.

Dave Alott, 54, the exhibitor of AGM said : “When I was first approached to come here I knew my collection would fit right in. There is a wide variety of different art here and we are provided with enough space to present it nicely so I’m happy I came.”

Tom Arnold brought along his collection of Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami’s work,  showing the variety of art which was available.

“Murakami is like a Japanese Andy Warhol, he is probably the most influential Japanese artist at the minute. He has worked with the likes of Yohji Yamamoto, Issey Miyaki and Louis Vuitton. He also created Kanye West’s new album artwork.”

“The layout really works, you wouldn’t expect my collection to be next to works of art which are over 100 years old but it doesn’t feel out of place at all. I’m really I will be invited back next year.”

For those of you who missed it this time fear not, the plans are already in place for next years event and Black Mango hope to announce a date for December 2015 very soon.


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