Review: Urbano32

Credit: Urbano32 Facebook Page

New pizza restaurant, Urbano32 opens on Bridge Street. Pic: Urbano32 Facebook Page

IT’S always nice to hear that a new restaurant or bar has popped up in the city centre. The newest edition to Chester’s fine dining scene, Urbano32, is a pizza restaurant and bar situated on Bridge Street, in the heart of the city.

The restaurant is open from 8am daily with access to free WiFi, suiting those wanting to grab an upmarket, yet inexpensive, breakfast before work or shopping in the run up to Christmas.

The evening atmosphere was quite different and it was easy to see why the restaurant was already so busy, despite only opening the night before. We were greeted instantly by a friendly member of staff and led through the thriving ambience of the chatty customers.

At the table I was able to thoroughly take in my surroundings and appreciate the quirky décor. The exposed brick and beams allowed for a rustic, almost industrial feel, and the fine details used in creating this setting even stretched as far as the toilets. While the restaurant itself was not spacious, the open kitchen gave us the opportunity to watch our food being cooked and admire the colossal clay pizza oven, which had been a focal point when advertising their restaurant’s new opening.

Although, I noticed that the pleasant heat which had greeted us as we first walked through the door was becoming unbearable. If this was a tactic to make the customer order more drinks, they did not succeed. I only managed to order one drink from the bar, before surviving on water for the rest of the evening. While I realise the building was old and small, and that they had an open kitchen, the lack of air conditioning tainted my dining experience somewhat.

The only real criticism which hindered my experience was halfway through my meal (around 8.30/45) when a waitress carried a bin bag from the bar, past all of the tables while we were eating, through to the back of the restaurant. I was absolutely disgusted by this, and would expect better from a restaurant which had only been open for one day.

On a more positive note, the service was fast and the homemade sourdough pizzas we ordered arrived promptly. My pizza was slightly bland, but that may have been due to my choice of pizza and should not necessarily reflect the restaurant’s abilities as a whole.

Unfortunately, due to the stifling heat, we did not stay for long after our meal, which eliminates the third aspect of their slogan ‘Pizza, Bar, Social’. Coincidentally, others must have agreed as the atmosphere of the restaurant depleted and many of the customers had left by nine o’clock.

All-in-all, I would visit this restaurant again, the reasonably-priced menu had a varied selection of authentic pizzas, salads, antipasti, sides, and even breakfasts until noon, so there is likely to be something for everyone to enjoy. Next time I would, however, order a different main course and perhaps request to be sat nearer to the front door to appreciate the draught from outside.

Rating: 3/5


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