Review: Innovations Contemporary Dance Platform

Dancers from all over the country journeyed to showcase their talents. Pic: Michael John Gray Photography.

Dancers from all over the country journeyed to showcase their talents. Pic: Michael John Gray Photography.

LAST week, at the Forum Theatre, nine dance companies from all over the United Kingdom came together to collaborate on one dance platform. Some of the companies travelled from as far as London and the Midlands, and a number of the North West based companies were even affiliated with our very own University here in Chester.

All of the pieces were contemporary in still, with some including improvisation, and each focussed on different ideas from the exploration of the body, movements and sensations, to ideas about both unity and people’s individuality.

The contemporary dance platform featured an enjoyable assortment of performances from solos, duets and group pieces, with variety in accompaniment and live voice. Although, a number of the performances were difficult to follow and were quite lengthy, even causing the first Act to run over schedule by 20 minutes.

The lead dance theatre group, Chester-based, Flash In The Attic, did not open the second Act as was promised, however. This meant that this Act was notably shorter than the first and an earlier interval would have been more ideal. The piece, Déchomai, was to explore the questioning process in the search for acceptance, challenging why and how we strive to achieve it, and it would have been considerate to have been offered an explanation as to why the hosts of the platform did not perform it.

Overall, however, it was an enjoyable experience and I was pleasantly surprised by how inexpensive the whole evening was; only spending £10, which encompassed entry and interval refreshments. To conclude the evening, the audience were given the opportunity to present questions to the performers, as a way to greater appreciate what inspired the pieces we had watched.

Rating: 3/5


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