New manager for Red Door: Big Brother star Luke Scrase takes over

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Ex-Big Brother star Luke Scrase said that moving to Chester is as if he has just come out of Big Brother again. The 27-year-old barkeeper from Stoke is the new manager of the Red Door.

He thinks working at the Red Door is a challenging job, but he enjoys it. Friend, Lee Lynch gave Luke the opportunity for this job. Lee is a colleague of someone who Luke was trained by. “I split up with my girlfriend in London and Lee came knocking, so the decision to move back up was good for me. Chester is a good location for me as well.” Chester is close to Luke’s friends and family who live in Stoke.

Although Luke is the manager of a high-profile Cocktail Bar, he does not drink any alcohol himself. “ If I went out and got drunk all the time, I probably would not enjoy this job as much. Working in this industry you see so many people in so many stages, it just puts you off for life. ”

Luke does not plan to make any major changes to the Red Door, but he has added some fans to make it cooler and re-organised parts of the bar and the decorations. “It is getting busy now, so I need to make sure that we can operate as well as we can”, he said. He also announced that a new venue will be opening in Liverpool on December 19, 2014.

The most important aspect for Luke in terms of customer treatment is to show kindness to everyone and provide the best service possible.

Luke:” The ideal customer comes very, very rarely, you just have to be nice to everyone. What you are trying to implement is that everyone serves the same things at the right speed and then everyone is happy. Sometimes it does get out of the window, but at the same time, if you implement that, then every customer is kind of the same.” The concept appears to work well. As soon as you finish your drink, a waitress comes to clear your table and asks you whether you would like another one.

Luke has previously worked at two different bars in Liverpool, one of which he describes as rough and the other one as similar to the concept of the Red door. With a closing time of 3am in the morning, apart from Cruise, Red Door is one of the latest bars that is open in Chester. Although this means that their crowd often does not come until later, Luke is convinced that this puts the Red Door in a good position. “We are just trying to create a good atmosphere. From the music to the lighting.“

However, Luke also admits that behind the curtains there are things to do which are not so glamorous, but are never seen by the customer. “Monday morning at 7.30 in the morning, when I am doing the accounts. It is a day job, but it needs doing and that is all part of running it as smoothly as you can.”

Luke said that the sales are approximately 26 per cent higher than last year. One could argue that this is, because he was in Big Brother, but at the same time he would like to think that it is, because he has been in the industry for a long time. He said that the people who come to the Red Door are the regulars anyway who came in last year as well. “Some people come in and wonder where they recognise me from. I usually make a joke of it and I will not tell them.”

“When I first came out of Big Brother, I stayed in London for two years. One in x number of people would recognise you, but they are the people who just watch Big Brother. I moved to Chester and it is as if I have just come out of Big Brother. Obviously it is flattering, but at the same time I do not know, if that is just a bit weird.” Luke does not put the running of the Red Door down to his popularity from Big Brother.

It is worth paying the Red Door a visit, although there are no major changes made to the concept, great customer service is provided and the atmosphere is very relaxed.

by Lisa Meller




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