Christmas volunteering opportunities

pic: Lisa Meller, Christmas Trees

pic: Lisa Meller, Christmas Trees

THE Christmas season is on its way and the University of Chester is advertising one off volunteering opportunities again.

This year’s opportunities include helping at events such as the Carol Service in the Cathedral, the ‘Spirit of Christmas’ concert organized by the Neuromuscular Centre, the Joshua Tree Christmas lunch at the Vale Royal Abbey Golf Club, the Santa Dash organized by the British Red Cross and many more.

This is a chance for students to attend these events without having to pay entry for them and enhance their employability at the same time.

Jake Campbell, University of Chester Volunteering system coordinator, said:” I think it’s all about the extra benefits volunteering gives you: it opens up new situations, makes you step put of your comfort zone and take on responsibilities that you might not otherwise have to.”

The Spirit of Christmas Event held by the Neuromuscular Centre on the November 28, 2014 is an annual event which attracts an audience of over 1000 people, including several stars from the popular TV show Downtown Abbey in last year’s event.

Other opportunities include taking part in unusual events such as the ‘Big Sleepout’ or milking events which include pouring a milk looking liquid over your head for charity.

Dr Matthew Garrett, law lecturer at the University of Chester, helped students to set up milking:” Milking probably stands out a little, because it again does not look like standard volunteering. After all it centers on persuading people to pour milk over their head and get sponsorship for doing so.”

Past events show that these volunteering opportunities can raise substantial amounts of money. All milking events combined raised £1500 in the previous year. In order to organize such big events, charities rely on volunteers to support their cause.

The Neuromuscular Centre said:” As a small charity with limited resources, we are entirely reliant on volunteers to make this large-scale fantastic event happen.”

To sign-up as a volunteer, people can look at the University of Chester volunteering page or just contact the individual organisations.

by Lisa Meller


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