The Word Alive, I See Stars, and DayShell tour review

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ON the last date of their eight days in UK on their European tour The Word Alive performed at the Club Academy Manchester, along with I See Stars and special guests DayShell.

To begin the night were DayShell. A new project from former Of Mice And Men member Shayley ‘Dayshell’ Bourget after he left Of Mice And Men due to depression. The band also features former Covette members Jordan Wooley and Raul Martinez. They warmed up the audience with their kinetic single‘Share With Me’, fusing together warm melodies, gnashing spacey guitars, and heavy rhythms.

Shayley ‘Dayshell’ Bourget said: “This is our own style. It might be heavy at the forefront, but there’s beauty behind that. It encompasses all of my influences from Deftones and Led Zeppelin to Incubus and Enya. I like to call it ‘Fresh Metal’.”

Next on stage were the Michigan band I See Stars with their electronic take on hardcore, their latest album New Demons was released in October this year and they were enthusiastic to perform  tracks from the new album. I See Stars performed a blend of electronic dance music and a slightly more aggressive style to the previous offering.

The Word Alive is an American melodic metal band from Phoenix, Arizona signed to Fearless Records. And they were fearless when they entered the stage, as several pits emerged in the crowd throughout out the set, and everyone was jumping along to the blend of thrash metal, groove metal, alternative metal and ambient elements.

With the drummer/YouTube star Luke Holland, the atmosphere was more than insane when he did a solo on drums, and his amazingly fast double bass in ‘Hounds Of Anubis’  brought one fan to tears with amazement.

Overall it was an energetic and enjoyable night, with crazy mosh pits and getting elbowed in the face. But that’s just part of the territory.

Chester Intelligencer reporter Tabatha Lewis


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