When it comes to looking for the ideal place to enjoy a night away from the norm for a Christmas drink, Oddfellows Hotel, Bar & Restaurant really is Chester’s secret jewel.

LOCATED IN the city’s Lower Bridge Street is a charming piece of hidden wonderland behind an eloquent white Georgian exterior called Oddfellows.

Oddfellows is the perfect place to ‘drink, dine and dream’ in a venue that is like no other in Chester or anywhere I have witnessed. I first visited the Hotel for drinks last Christmas – which in my opinion is the perfect time of year to go because of the festive drinks menus and spectacualr decorations.

When you enter Oddfellows, the interior design is truly imaginative as the place has a combination of traditional Victorian furnishings with eccentric contemporary décor at the main bar with a plethora of drinks to choose from.

There’s also a variety of themed rooms to hire out for the extra special occasions, my favorite being a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party room which has chairs, tea cups and accessories to the fairy tale attatched to the ceiling.

If you are looking to stay the night, Oddfellows hotel rooms also have their own unconventional themed rooms to suit the more imaginative guest. A personal favourite is, The Newbrook which takes inspiration from vintage motion picture film reels, giving the room a glamorous 1950’s movie experience.

The ‘Secret Garden’ is what I enjoy coming to Oddfellows for with friends and family as I cannot think of anywhere much prettier to enjoy a gin and tonic in Chester. The Secret Garden is a totally unexpected escape in the city, with secluded areas, cabins and private tables which have fire pits and outdoor heating to enjoy an evening with friends.

I felt almost reluctant to do a review on Oddfellows, purely because I loved keeping it a secret from the majority of people as it is so remarkable. But now the Cheshire cat is out the bag, you would be missing out if you didn’t take the trip to this wonderland.

Oddfellows 'Drink,Dine and Dream' Hotel. Photo: Sam Radley

Oddfellows ‘Drink,Dine and Dream’ Hotel. Photo: Sam Radley

Rating *****


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