Review: Thor The Dark World

IF you have read my review of The Wolverine (if not, see it here) then you will know I love comics, and will happily spend any money I have to watch them on the big screen. However, when the first Thor movie came out I had a sense of it just being a stepping stone to the Avengers.  

Thor: The Dark World is a step up from the demi-god's first solo outing. Picture: Empire

Thor: The Dark World is a step up from the demi-god’s first solo outing. Picture: Empire

They had to introduce these characters somehow, and they took the individual films for each route, to varying levels of success. That is not to say I didn’t like Thor, Kenneth Branagh did a wonderful job, but Alan Taylor takes the character to a new level, and a good one, with the The Dark World.

The film of course starts with Odin, Thor’s father, speaking in a prologue in order to introduce us to the film’s main villains, the Dark Elves, and the Aether, an all-powerful source of dark matter. From there, the pace quickens as one by one the films’ main players are introduced, from Odin to Loki, now in chains from his actions in The Avengers, and Jane Foster, who is now living in London and seriously pining for her lost love.

After a series of rather confusing events, that aren’t explained till later, Jane ends up finding the Aether, which had been hidden away, and is soon whisked away to Asgard as Thor fears for her safety. Odin is not pleased naturally, and attempts to send her away before soon realising the Aether is in Jane. The king has her locked away, and thus Thor must disobey his father in order to save his love, and more importantly the Nine Reals following an attack by the recently awakened Dark Elves. At this point Malekith, their leader, played by Christopher Eccleston arrives. Sadly he is not given much to work with, aside from some threats in the language of the Dark Elves.

After Malekith kills the Queen, we get to see a different Loki for a short period. Here he is heartbroken at her death, and a wreck, but Thor needs his help and as such, we’re treated to the Thor and Loki dimension for the rest of the film and awesome fight scenes ensue. The final showdown for example, is amazing. Frankly, it is just two powerful foes beating each other to a pulp, which is entertaining as it sounds. The ending is usual Marvel fair, with twists galore and a nifty little after credits scene that will set the rumour mills into overdrive.


Impressive stuff from Marvel again, with Loki and Thor played brilliantly by their respective actors. There is some questionable science going on here, but all in all, a very good movie indeed. Bring on Captain America: The Winter Soldier I say.

Chester Intelligencer reporter, Sean Lunt

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