‘BID’ farewell to the City Centre of old

A NEW SCHEME HAS BEEN LAUNCHED for businesses within Chester aiming to ‘renew and revitalise’ the City Centre by creating a successful Business Improvement District.

CH1 Chester BID Company have promised a new face for the City Centre. Photo: Rebecca Jones

CH1 Chester BID Company have promised a new face for the City Centre. Photo: Rebecca Jones

The CH1 Chester BID Company launched last month and has a view towards taking a five-year plan that aims to give local businesses the platform to collaborate on ideas to help improve Chester’s shopping district.

With the Christmas season in full swing, this scheme couldn’t be more timely as more and more people are opting to do their shopping online. The CH1 BID Company wants people back on the streets and in the stores.

The plan will be overseen by an independent board of local business representatives and in mid-2014, Chester businesses will be asked to vote on whether they agree to the CH1 Business Improvement District. A majority vote must be required in order to see the plans for the District continue.

Already twenty local businesses have signed up to the scheme, ranging from nationwide companies to local landmarks and nightclubs.

The scheme comes with the recent launch of ‘#chesterhour’, which runs every Tuesday from 8-9pm on social networking site Twitter. During this allotted window, local businesses are offered an immediate platform to promote their company and what they are about. Here’s just some of the tweets that featured this week.

Often during this window, businesses will be seen advertising special offers, and the hashtag is accessed by thousands of users each week. Businesses have already felt the effect of the online revolution, and now the CH1 Chester BID Company are hoping to do the same.

The CH1 BID Company will be unveiling their full business plan in January in the hope that more businesses will get onboard with the idea and support the BID. To learn more about the CH1 Chester BID Company, you can view their website here.

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