Americans vote Chester to be prettier than Paris, Venice and Rome

Chester's famous Eastgate Street. Photo: Wikimedia

Chester’s famous Eastgate Street. Photo: Wikimedia

The poll by USA Today ranks Chester as the 5th prettiest city in Europe after, Riga, Bergen, Innsbruck and Dubrovnik

YOU MIGHT expect the top five prettiest cites across Europe to include the romantic cities of Prague, Bruges and Santorini but our historic British city of Chester has proved it can compete with the best after beating each one on an online poll.

American newspaper USA Today attributed the 2000-year-old city on the roman walls and, ‘ collection of Tudor and Victorian buildings and a delightful shopping district filled with half-timbered shops reminiscent of a Grimm tale.’

Chester MP Stephen Mosley said: ‘ I am staggered that there are four European cities deemed prettier than Chester. But not surprised that our city was rated so highly.’

He adds, ‘ two thousand years after the Romans conquered Chester, we’ve triumphed over Rome.’

The city with a population of 120,00 may seem relatively small, but there are so many stunning and unique features to Chester, which were enough to persuade voters of Chester’s charms.

The beautiful city has much of its Roman influences still remaining, with the biggest Roman amphitheater in the UK and the two miles of city walls, which are among the most complete in Britain. Chester is also famous for its 900-year-old cathedral, the unique black and white timbered shopping rows that are unique to anywhere in the world and the oldest racecourse in Britain.

Chester such a relaxed and welcoming city atmosphere, which draws attention to visitors from across the world and locally to visit for a weekend break. It has something for everyone with beautiful views of the welsh mountains surrounding the walls of the city and a stunning river which comes alive in the summer by locals and tourists.

Speaking when voting opened, chief executive of Marketing Cheshire Katrina Michel said: “This is fantastic news but it’s no real surprise that Chester has been named in this list of such stunning locations. From Roman times people have been drawn to the city.”

“Today people come here for romance and relaxation because we offer the wonderful combination of natural beauty with the River Dee and the Meadows and a lively historic centre with our unique shopping Rows and Roman walls. There is literally nowhere quite like it.”

Chester’s tidbits

– According to a Tudor law it is supposedly illegal for a Welshman to enter Chester after nightfall, as it is apparently legal to shoot them with a bow and arrow within the city walls after midnight.

– Chester is the most well preserved walled city in England as its medieval walls form the most complete circuit around any town or city in England.

– Henry Gee, the mayor of Chester in 1540 cancelled the traditional Shrove Tuesday football game and replaced it with a horse race. His surname is where we get the informal name for racehorses ‘Gee Gee’s’.

Chester's famous 'Rows'. Photo:Wikimedia

Chester’s famous ‘Rows’. Photo:Wikimedia


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