20-20 Vision promises a clear view of the future for City Centre

THERE’S A ’20-20 VISION’ for all ahead of exciting new development plan for Chester.

It may have missed out on the City of Culture Award, but does Chester really need it? Photo: Terry Kearney

It may have missed out on the City of Culture Award, but does Chester really need it? Photo: Terry Kearney

Despite missing out on the City of Culture 2017, things aren’t as bleak as they might originally appear for Chester.

The Chester Renaissance Board has welcomed new chairman Eric Langton on board to deliver a new program of improvements to Chester. Langton was appointed last month and already the program is being implemented.

Part of this program is the exciting Northgate Development Plan, which promises to contribute a reinvigorated city centre under a shared vision for “driving a dynamic legacy for future generations”.

Despite the City of Culture Award going to Hull, it is thought that in recent times this prize has been given to cities that can really thrive from the exposure. In response to this, the Chester Renaissance Board has teamed with key partners to create the One City Plan.

The One City Plan is a fifteen-year project that aims to rebuild and regenerate Chester City Centre, improve quality of life for Chester’s residents and encourage investment in Chester’s green spaces.

Work has already begun on installing information panels at set locations on the Rows that bring their storied history to life. The ‘Tales from the Rows’ can already be seen in Chester and brings attention to a landmark that has been overlooked for far too long.

One prominent aspect that promises to feature is the prospect of a new multi-screen cinema complex within Chester City Centre. With the closest cinema for Chester residents at Cheshire Oaks, this would be a very high priority for the Northgate Development Plan, as business is all but guaranteed.

Speaking on the ’20-20 Vision’, Langton said: “I call it a 20-20 vision because the One City plan gives a very clear view of what needs to be done and a timetable to help us stay focused on our ambitions for the city so that by 2020 Chester will be the absolute jewel in the North West.”

Intelligencer reporter Tabatha Lewis offers more on the prospect of a new cinema, click here to read her article.

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