Top presents for pets this Christmas

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Everyone who owns a cat or a dog knows that they’re not just a pet but a member of the family. So your pet deserves a lovely present under the tree. I scoured the high-street for the best, low-price gifts for your moggies and mutts this Christmas.

‘I’m dreaming of a … Christmas Dog Stocking’ by Good Boy at Wilko – £3.00

With Turkey and Cranberry Flavour Bones , Chocolate Drops and a squeaky toy your dog will be happy and preoccupied all day long while you eat your Christmas dinner.

Dog/Cat Beds at Why Pay More (Chester Forum) – ranging from £5.00 to £12.00

Why Pay More have a huge selection of beds for dog’s and cats in every colour you can think of. The small ones are £5.00, medium £8.00 and large are £12.00. Imagine how content your pet will be on Christmas Day when it lounges on one of these next to the fire.

‘Christmas Pet Tux’ and ‘Christmas Fleece Jacket’ by Primark – £1.50 and £3.00

If you love dressing up your pet and want to keep it warm this winter, why not try a tux or jacket from Primark? They’re very easy to put on your pet and are light enough for them to not really notice it. The colours are very eye-catching too.

‘I’m dreaming of a… choc biscuit box’ by Wilko – £2.75

This biscuit box includes chocolate biscuit bones, crunchy snowballs and choc marrowbone and will be a great treat for your pooch. This present is only suitable for dogs.

‘Christmas Large Cracker’ by Wilko – £2.50

A rawhide treat for dogs only. This Christmas Cracker includes four munchy treats inside to surprise your pet just like a real cracker!

‘Cat Stocking’ at Poundland – £1.00

A perfect way to stash all your cat’s treats till Christmas day! Eye-catching and very Christmassy, make sure your cat doesn’t feel left out and get her a stocking!

‘Christmas Dental Dog Stocking’ by Wilko – £3.50

This stocking includes dental chews, a minty cotton knot, 2 rawhide treats and a munchy flat. This will keep your dog busy and he won’t feel left out when your eating all of your human food. With the added bonus of keeping your dogs teeth healthy, this really is a good treat.

‘Christmas Dog Toy’  at Poundland – £1.00

This toy is probably the best bargain I’ve found. It’s for dog’s but my cat actually played with it too. Will keep your pets entertained for at least an hour!

Chester Intelligencer, Amy Holland


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