Rugby match report: Chester 31 – 13 Harrogate

On Saturday Chester Rugby Union Football Club played the Harrogate Team at home. It was a cold, crisp day and both teams ran onto the pitch revved up and ready to play.

Chester kicked off the match but unfortunately didn’t retain possession of the ball for the first twenty minutes and it looked like Harrogate had the upper-hand although Chester defended well. Sledging

Ten minutes in Sean Green injured his wrist and had to be taken off the pitch to be treated by medics which hindered Chester even more. Harrogate then scored a try which was converted by Joe Rowntree.

A few nasty tackles and a few scuffles were seen as tensions increasingly rose with lots of penalties being awarded to Harrogate, resulting in a 10-0 lead to Harrogate sixteen minutes in. Not long after, they scored another try.

But with the shouts from Chester fans in the crowd they picked up the pace towards the end of the first half and thirty-four minutes in scored their first try and converted it to make it 7-13 to Harrogate.

The second-half was a blur of Chester repeatedly scoring and converting and resulted with Chester winning 31-13.

Chester had a good start to the season with a month of wins, then a bad run with a month of losses. But they seem to have regained their confidence and have started to win again so this match will be a much needed morale boost.

The next home match is on 21st December when Chester will play Caldy. Kick off is 3pm.

Chester Intelligencer Reporter, Amy Holland


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