Review – The Croods Blu-Ray & DVD Release


DREAMWORKS brings together this witty comedy about a cave family who, after their home is destroyed, embark on an incredible journey through a world they have never seen before.

Grug, the father of the family has set a series of rules that the family have followed since they can remember. This includes staying in their cave after dark and staying away from anything new or out of the routine.  Despite this, rebellious teenage daughter Eep breaks her father’s rules which results in a chance meeting with interesting teenage boy Guy, who warns her that the end of the world is coming. When the Croods family cave is destroyed, they embark upon a journey through a formerly unknown world.

The Croods follows the standard heroic journey theme, but it’s elevated by the writing and direction of Kirk DeMicco and How to Train Your Dragon’s Chris Sanders. The Croods focusses on family dynamics and embraces humour to enlighten the message within.

As is always expected from Dreamworks, the animation is spectacular. Attention to detail is evident throughout and the graphics are stunning. The animation flows from one scene to the next in a fluid motion and with ease.

This movie has a great voicing cast who do a great job and really suit the role they are playing. Eep voiced by Emma Stone is a particularly suiting voice role. Other voiced parts include Nicholas Cage and Ryan Reynolds.

Although the Croods isn’t DreamWorks’ biggest blockbuster hit, the movie includes humour and a heart-warming story that will appeal to children and adults alike.

The new DVD and Blu-ray bonus content include Belt’s cave journal, lost scenes and the World of DreamWorks Animation and previews. The Croods on DVD and Blu-Ray was released in the UK December 9th.

Watch the official trailer for The Croods here:


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