Police tackle anti-social noise in Garden Quarter

Garden Lane, Chester (pic: Nigel Mykura)

Garden Lane, Chester (pic: Nigel Mykura)

Anti-social behaviour from Chester students have prompted police to take action.

Sarl Williams Court, Homedee House and various other houses on Garden Lane have all been victim to students’ drunken antics in the early hours of the morning.

Police have placed CCTV close to the locations in order to monitor the students.

Extra patrols are also in place on Monday and Wednesday nights to try to keep the noise at a low level.

This area of Chester has been a place of tension between residents and students for a long time mainly due to the behaviour of students as they walk home from a night out.

In an update to the situation on the Cheshire Constabulary website it is stated, “Priority Type: To minimise and prevent noise related problems. Description: Complaints over noise in the area causing distress to local residents. Police and partner agencies are working closely to minimise and prevent noise at reported times by extra visibility patrols.”

Chester Intelligencer Reporter, Amy Holland


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