Christleton celebrates local resident’s 100th birthday party in style

TTHE VILLAGE OF CHRISTLETON celebrated Janette Shaw’s 100th birthday yesterday afternoon with a large group of local guests and old friends in Waverton at the Evangelical Fellowship centre.

The party began with a warm-hearted speech on ‘meeting the great mile stone’, which gave everyone a true reflection on all of the evolvements in science, technology and transport which Janette has seen throughout her lifetime.

Janette’s history began when she was born in Manchester on the rather special date of the 11th day of the 12th month of the 13th year and a century later has been lucky enough to celebrate this day again.

In her early life Janette worked as a typist for the civil service during the Second World War. A few years after the war she met her husband, Police Officer, Jack Shaw who she moved around Cheshire with until they decided to settle in the village of Christleton in the year 1969 and start a family.

Until recently Janette was one of the talented six ladies who made tapestries in the Women’s Institution. She says, “I have always been a fond knitter and when I was younger I was a dress maker”. An event Janette still enjoys taking part in are the local quizzes and where she is still sharper than most of the younger ones there.

Keeping up appearances is something Janette takes great pride of, as she enjoys wearing a spot of makeup and even wore a stylish pastel pink river island shirt for the birthday party.

The event was organised by volunteers from the Waverton Day Care Centre where Janette has been a member of since 2009 who did a brilliant job with deocations and refreshments.

Today, Janette and her loved ones are looking forwards to receiving her telegram from the Queen at her second party this afternoon.

Janette Shaw, at her 100th Birthday. Image by Rebecca Jones

Janette Shaw, at her 100th Birthday. Image by Rebecca Jones

Friends and family of Janette. Image by Rebecca Jones

Friends and family of Janette. Image by Rebecca Jones


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