Corner shop up for auction

Photo credit: Tabatha Lewis

Photo credit: Tabatha Lewis


A Popular corner stop is being auctioned off prior to the retirement of its owner.

David Hawkins, 63 and his wife Elizabeth Hawkins, 63, will be auctioning the Keg, on Catherine Street along with the living accommodation.

After six years of ownership he is to retire to get his hip replacement but hopes that the corner shop will remain open, and so do the locals.

He said: “I will miss it, I’ll miss the clientele, I have a good laugh here with them.”

He will be auctioning off the shop with the above living space on After six years of ownership he hopes that it will remain a shop, and so do the local residents.

Francessca Ellis, 20, said: “He is friendly, and welcoming, they work as part of the community and the shop is convenient. I hope it stays a shop.”

James Walker, 20, Neighbour said: “He is really friendly, it will be a shame if it closes, especially to the people on the street and it’s reasonably priced, But even if it does close, it wouldn’t be that much of a loss because there is still One Stop, but a locally owned business is better for the community.”

Rebecca Roberts, 21 said: “Its very sad, he was a strong part of the community. He will be missed, he was kind and once opened the shop early just so I could get some milk.”
The auction will take place on December 11.


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