Me and Deboe’s striking performance entertains Chester yet again

ME and Deboe showed Telford's what the had to offer (Pic: flickr, Sean Rowe)

ME and Deboe showed Telford’s what the had to offer (Pic: flickr, Sean Rowe)

IT WAS one of those nights when cooking seemed a whole lot of effort, so a bite to eat at Telfords Warehouse with my friends was on the cards. Little did I know we were greeted by a very talented Cheshire duo; a blend of two voices and two guitars producing what I’d describe as unforgettable music.

ME and Deboe began their career together performing acoustic cover versions all over the UK before starting to experiment with their own material. Their growing reputation has taken their distinctive sound to over 300 gigs, radio performances and festivals from North to South since starting back in 2011. They also released a debut EP earlier this year.

I wasn’t familiar with ME and Deboe before my experience at Telfords on Sunday December 8th; it’s an experience I would happily encounter again.  They did attract quite an audience that night, creating a relaxing yet up beat atmosphere. Taken in by the talent delivered by this duo, we managed to secure three seats in perfect view of the stage before grabbing a bite to eat.

The pair of singer songwriters differ from any other acoustic performers. After all it’s not all about their striking appearance and witty lyrics. ME and Deboe are famous for their distinctive melodies and killer guitar strumming running through each track as well as producing unique sound to both their own music and covers. I couldn’t agree more.

The combination of both voices had the ability to captivate the audience amongst the chatter and laughter at the bar and restaurant. Both artists showed off their powerful vocals with a wide range of different pieces. As well as singing delicate and calm melodies the pair were able to emphasise the strength of their abilities with a mixture of upbeat and more powerful songs.

With only one night’s experience of ME and Deboe, I can easily say with confidence that this band is well worth a listen and should definitely not be missed.

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