Chester’s view: What phone should President Obama use?

 IT WAS reported this week that Barack Obama, the President of the United States, uses a Blackberry mobile phone with only 10 contacts.

President Barack Obama diligently uses his Blackberry smartphone. Photo copyright gnmyan, Flickr.

President Barack Obama diligently uses his Blackberry smartphone. Photo: gnmyan, Flickr.

He does so because of the airtight security the Blackberry offers him; he is not allowed an iPhone, because any risk to his phone could lead to a risk to the United States of America.While we can sit and pine over the fact that Obama has no access to play Temple Run, Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga or any other fun game, and is doomed to play that odious brick breaker game for the duration of his presidency, we thought it would be rather more fun to decide which phone Obama should have.Using the criteria of safety, security, professionalism, and of course, fun (for presidential downtime), we asked the public of Chester what phone they think Obama should have.

Overwhelmingly, Chester decided that a retro Nokia 3300/3310 is the phone for Obama. The most sturdy and durable phone known to man, it also harbours a couple of games (Snake or Snake II) and has the potential for case swapping fun, so the President can show his patriotism through a fashionable star spangled banner snap on case.

Chloe Ashford, a mum and part time student from Saughall, said: “It has to be the Nokia 3310. President Obama could also download his own monophonic ringtone of the American national anthem.”

Others, whilst accepting that Nokia phones are notoriously hard to break, said that the more modern ‘indestructible’ phones would suit Obama better. Deric Davis, 69, of Chester, said: “I use this Sonim indestructible phone. The salesman said it is waterproof, and I can drop it from large heights and it still works.” Good point- but apart from physical safety and durability, wouldn’t Obama need a secure phone that protects his information? He might have the First Lady’s personal number on there, after all. “It also has large numbers, so it’s easy to dial,” Deric added.

David Steward, a tech-savvy retail supervisor, noted: “I know on iOS7 [the iPhone operating system] there’s a glitch so you can access the phone even without putting in the correct password. I hate to say it, but the Blackberry probably is the best phone for him.”

The trusty Nokia 3310, a popular handset in the early 2000s. Photo copyright Kokkie76, Flickr

The trusty Nokia 3310, a popular handset in the early 2000s. Photo: Kokkie76, Flickr

Many other legendary phones arose from this questionnaire as candidates for Obama’s perfect phone – what about the Motorola Razr, the super slim flip phone? That could surely be disguised and hidden away in a suit pocket if it ever needed to be concealed. “The Razr actually comes in a lot of different colours, so the president could just choose one each day depending on his mood,” said Charlotte Smith, a 23-year-old student from Chester.

It was also reported that the president’s daughters use iPhones. So really, if he ever feels the need to crush some candy, run away from a demon monkey or shoot birds at pigs, he can confiscate one of his daughter’s phones for an undeserved reason and use it for the night.

Sadly, unnoticed from this survey have been the Nokia 7280 and 7380, the fashionable ‘lipstick’ phones that have no keyboard and a tiny screen. They have a small dial in which, infuriatingly, one must scroll through the alphabet to select each letter in order to send a text. Surely, this would deflect anyone who tries to access the president’s phone – after scrolling to the letter ‘S’, they will undoubtedly just think “Oh, I can’t be bothered!’ and give up.


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