Karamba Samba lead the way for this years Midwinter Watch Parade

CHESTER’S Medieval Midwinter Watch Parade took place last Thursday 5 December and despite weather warnings it was a great success.

In celebration of the Winter Solstice the parade was set up in 1498, when the community leaders would hand over the keys to the city to the police force. This would then ensure that Chester was safe for the celebrations to begin.

Karamba Samba leading Chester's Midwinter Watch Parade.

Karamba Samba leading Chester’s Midwinter Watch Parade.

The parade is formed by groups of school children, students, locals and musicians all eager to showcase their dramatic attire.

Karamba Samba led the parade with organiser Russell Kirk as their jester. Following them were an array of characters including cooks, devils, ice maidens, cooks, romans and many more.

Starting on time at 7pm the parade made its way through the city stopping half way for a brief speech before continuing and finishing at the Cross. Once at the Cross the ‘Watch’ handed over the keys to the city to Lord Mayor Cllr Jill Houlbrook.

With the parade taking place on the first two Thursdays of December each year the next Midwinter Watch Parade will be take place on Thursday 12 December at 7pm.


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