Where To Buy Perfumes

Great gift for women taken from The Perfume Shop website

FRAGRANCES MAKE GREAT GIFTS for men and women, but sometimes it can be stressful and confusing finding the perfect gift at a reasonable price. Chester shops in the City Centre have some great deals on perfumes and fragrances, so there’s no need to panic at the thought of Christmas being less than two weeks away.

Finding the right smell for a loved one is often the most challenging thing and it can be time consuming. For women, choose a perfume that is endorsed by a celebrity.  According to a spokesperson for @londonperfumeco, if a person’s favourite celebrity advertises the perfume, we are more likely to enjoy its smell. So buying a person’s idols fragrance is thoughtful and even if the smell isn’t their favourite, it will still be appreciated. Ladies will love The One by Dolce & Gabbana for its delicate flowery aroma. It is perfect for parties and the festive season.

For men, Gucci have a variety of fragrance gift ideas from day to night. Julie Brode, who works on the fragrance section at Boots recommends Guilty Pour Homme for a fresh smell. “It is perfect for that person who you have no idea of what to buy,” Julie said.  “It is soapy and not too overwhelming,” she said.

Most female teenagers prefer sweet scents because they are lively and bold, Julie said. Britney Spears has four perfumes out and each one lingers. In particular, Midnight Fantasy is very fruity, so young girls will love it. For teenage boys, celebrity fragrances like David Beckham’s are innocent but mature. Avoiding brand names for those who aren’t at college yet will not only be less expensive, but these products are also aimed at younger people because of their milder smells, advised Martin Smoth, who also works at Boots.

If perfume alone isn’t enough, gift sets make great stocking fillers. The body washes and lotions that are included make the fragrance last longer if it is applied first. Julie thinks that perfume gift sets make perfect Christmas presents because finding a fragrance someone will like is personal and thoughtful.

Finding a fragrance for someone is one thing, but where to buy it in Chester shops at a reasonable price is another challenge. There are many shops to go including The Perfume Shop, Debenhams, Boots and Superdrug. The Perfume Shop is the best place to buy a gift for a loved one with 60 percent off many brands up until December 23. The store also has £10 off selected items such as Emporio Armani Diamonds, now priced at £39 and Dolce & Gabbana The One for men, reduced to £52. Boots, in comparison, is significantly pricier on ladies fragrance such as Nicki Minaj Pink Friday, with a £4 price difference for a 30ml.

Louise Packer, a Shop Assistant at The Perfume Shop recommends buying a gift card for their store if finding a perfume is just far too frustrating. Jasmine Birtels, a financial expert, suggests buying a gift card online for a perfume store and using it to purchase a perfume if money is tight. They are often cheaper than their original price on websites like eBay, but they may be difficult to get hold of. 


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