Review: Gone Girl

AUTHOR Gillian Flynn has already enjoyed the success of her third novel ‘Gone Girl’ being a bestseller in the US and now a star-studded line is are set to make the film a box office hit. 

The gripping novel centers around the disappearance of the beautiful Amy Dunn. The clever, funny and witty Amy is also incredibly wealthy having been the inspiration for a series of books written by her parents about her called ‘Amazing Amy.’

When she goes missing in suspicious circumstances on the morning of her fifth wedding anniversary police are quick to point the finger of blame at her down-and-out husband. Handsome and clever but recently fired from his journalist job and with a failing bar paid for with Amy’s fortune, Nick seems the obvious suspect.

Written from both Nick and Amy’s perspective, Flynn leaves the reader in suspense throughout. Several plot twists make for a hugely enjoyable read despite a fairly ‘dry patch’ in the middle of the book. Without giving too much away, some readers said to have been left disappointed by the ending with a feeling that certain characters have been cheated out of justice.

As with most books made into film, it seems unlikely that the onscreen version will be able to do the story justice, especially when dealing with Amy’s version of events. Despite this, the star-studded line up looks promising and Ben Affleck is set to make an irresistible Nick Dunn. The challenging role of Amy has been awarded to Rosamund Pike in her first leading role.

Flynn’s previous works include ‘Dark Places’ and double CWA Dagger Award winner ‘Sharp Objects.’

It’s yet to be seen how the story will look on the big screen but regardless, ‘Gone Girl’ is defiantly worth a read and will make a particularly good holiday book to be read by the pool.

Flynn's third novel is set to be a box office hit. Picture by:

Flynn’s third novel is set to be a box office hit.
Picture by:

Rating: 7/10 – For slightly dull middle and disappointing ending


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