Global Curry, It starts here

Photo credit: Tabatha Lewis

A New Curry House has opened on Garden Lane specialising in different cuisines from around the world.

Former creator and owner of  Wok and Go and Go Fresco Desmond Pheby, has opened a new take away store called ‘Global Curry’ right in the heart of Chester’s student community.

The curry house offers something a little different with cuisines from all over the world. The idea is similar to the successful Wok and Go, where you can swap and change what you like and it shouldn’t take any longer to prepare because its all fresh.

Manager of Wok and Go and Global Curry, Shaun Jones, 22 said: “Hopefully this one will take off the same as Wok and Go, this one is more student based. One of my goals and ambitions will be to make connections with the university and the sports teams and the local businesses around there.”

At the moment the store only opens from 5pm-11pm but there are plans to open in the day from 12am – 2pm.

Chester Intelligencer Reporter Tabatha Lewis


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