Couple’s Christmas started in March

THE FESTIVE SEASON is soon approaching and while many are still fretting over what to buy people, a couple from Chester completed their Christmas shopping in July.

Mr and Mrs Brooke, aged 43 and 41 of Gawer Park, wrote their gift list as early as March, and the decorations were taken out from the loft six weeks ago. Getting in the Christmas spirit early has helped them to manage their savings over several months, and they can now look forward to a stress-free December.

“Buying presents well in advance makes you feel like you’re not spending as much because a large amount of money doesn’t evaporate from your account at one time,” Julie Brooke said.

But being organised hasn’t always been their favourite hobby.

“We used to buy the turkey on Christmas eve,” said Julie.

They have put an end to last minute shopping so they can enjoy spending time with their children, without worrying about what Santa will bring them.

The best piece of advice they have for people for future Christmases is to shop early because offers and deals are early in the year, than towards the end. But for those who still don’t know what to get friends and family, husband Simon thinks gift cards make perfect stocking fillers.

Chester Intelligencer reporter, Amy Poole


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