Chester Drivers Need to Take Their Test Again

Pepper Street Car Park, taken from the Chester Tourist website

I COMMUTE to Chester a few times a week to study at the University so I am on the road with many other drivers. 

Some people are beyond merely annoying with their parking.

When people park right next to speed bumps there is no choice other than to ride over the middle of the bump. This happens all the time on Brooke Lane.

During this situation, two things run through my mind. I can either risk driving on the other side of the road on that bump, and have a high chance of crashing into someone head on. Or I can go right over the middle of the bump because the thought of heading towards oncoming traffic is nothing but scary. The latter is my usual route which results in me landing back down with a thud.

My friends know me for driving slow, sometimes too slow, so it’s not like I speed over them. This situation is ten times worse when there’s a car close behind, impatiently wanting me to go 100mph over them.

I don’t have road rage and I’m actually a calm driver, not that that comes across at all in this, but I can’t bare it when people don’t understand the basic skills involved when they’re behind the wheel.

I think people want to make my journey from Kingsway campus to the main campus even more unpleasant by having their front wheel facing out.

There’s always a jeep that parks in the bus stop down Manning Lane South. Not only is this illegal, it’s incredibly annoying because it parks with its rear sticking out to make it impossible to get past if a car is coming on the other side of the road.

This is not just a recent occurrence. It’s been happening for two years and many times I have thought to put a note on it, but there is nowhere available to park to do this, unless I too go in the bus stop. Wouldn’t that be ironic?

It’s not just Chester residents who seem to hate me, it’s the police too. The other day I parked at the free parking for 30 minutes and arrived back to my car well within this time limit and saw a police officer approaching my blue KA.

His pen and notepad in his hand told me immediately what his intentions were so I picked up the pace and he walked off.

I had been there for no longer than 15 minutes so there was no crime committed and I was parked within the lines.

It wasn’t like I was going to park in a multistorey car park at those extortionate prices. But one time I did spend about £3 just to be only 30 minutes.

When I came back, my car had a lovely fresh dint in the passenger door. Note to self, don’t park there again.

I’m probably not the only one who feels this way. There’s little I can do to make people park in sensible places, but please if you are one of these drivers reading this, take the hint.

Park in actual spaces so drivers like me don’t have to moan about it.

Chester Intelligencer reporter, AmyPoole


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